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Buy Sunrocks Online. Moonrocks some tmes call. Cannabis Caviar, Weed Caviar, Caviar Weed are some of the the strongest form of cannabis on the market. It’s a nugget of marijuana bud dipped in hash oil and kief. Final product carries approximately a 50% THC rating.Moon rocks are not exactly a type of marijuana strain, but more of a cannabis experiment. Typically, they’re are nuggets of the marijuana strain Girl Scout Cookies, dipped in hash oil and then sprinkled with kief.making to have a greater THC and CBD and also very potent. the marijuana strain Girl Scout Cookies, dipped in hash oil and then sprinkled with kief. making to have a greater THC and CBD and also very potent. moonrocks being a helpful source when it comes to health we took up the responsibility couple with our dreams to make the USA, Europe and other nations feel the power of medical marijuana or cannabis and its related products like vapes pens, cannabis oil, hash, concerntrates we decided to create an online means of shopping which enable every one to buy moonrocks online, all indica strains like sour disel online, platinum og online, lemon kush online and sativa strains like black water og online, buy great white shark og online. And allow some other products are also available online like buy vape pans online, buy cannabis iol online, buy concantrates online. together with this we offer discrete shippping to required address sited by the customer and all this can be done with or without a medical marijuana card or any prescription from the doctor. so with all these facilities put in place it makes it easy to buy sunrocks online here.

SunRocks take things to another level. A SunRock is basically like MoonRock’s older, chain- smoking brother.

While their composition is nearly identical (a bud coated in concentrate and sprinkled with kief), SunRocks are typically made using higher-grade products. They are currently being produced by two main manufacturers in California, Big Tray Deee and Apollo Sun Rocks.

Both manufacturers take top-shelf buds (usually some kind of OG), dip them in a sticky layer of wax or similar concentrate, and then finish them off with a sprinkle of kief. Big Tray Deee’s Rocks usually feature a very thin layer of concentrate and kief, clocking in at about 80% THC. Apollo’s Rocks, however, typically boast a thicker layer of kief and roughly 60% THC.

SunRocks also tend to show their quality more than a MoonRock. When purchasing a MoonRock it can be very hard to tell the quality of product you’re getting hidden under all the wax and kief. Some places like to take advantage of this by supplying a lower quality product disguised as a high-quality product. The hard reality of this is you will never know until you go home and try it. SunRocks, on the other hand, have a very distinct sparkle to them and are much easier to determine the quality of.

Is a Sunrocks More Potent?

With any cannabis product the quality and potency comes down to many factors, but generally, the answer is yes. The best of the best in MoonRocks average out at about 60 percent THC, which is a much more common percentage of lower end SunRocks, with highs going up to 80 percent THC.

How Do You Smoke a Sunrock?

So you’ve decided you want to try out some SunRocks but not sure on how to go about consuming them?

Firstly, you’ll be better off using scissors over a grinder to bust up your SunRock. When using a grinder, the device tends to remove a lot of what makes the bud special to begin with, like the kief and oil the nug is covered in. Scissors in a shot glass are the most preferred method of breaking up your SunRock.

Once it’s all busted it up its more or less business as usual. You can add the pieces of SunRock to your weed-filled joint or blunt to up the experience. Using a bong or pipe works well for smoking SunRocks either alone or with regular bud.

If you are not the most experienced cannabis user, use caution. MoonRocks alone tend to be to much for some users, and SunRocks are much more potent. These are not for the faint of heart.

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